Many thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy some of my music.
Special thanks to the following:-

Tracy Lundgren, Tricia Baker, Paul Pedersen Jr and Eric True for all their support and encouragement over the years.

To contact me just use the contact button to send me a mail and I will get back to you.

Gerry Cooper
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Eric True Jul 16, 2011
New Brunswick, Canada
Loved the videos, photos, music, guitars (jealous of the guitars)
Keep up the great work at your favorite pastime, maybe to become fulltime.
Find your music very soothing and restful. You can't find that many places in the world today.


Many thanks Eric much appreciated my friend.

Best, Gerry

sarah castello Feb 10, 2011
Hey Gerry - its Sarah again! Just played Ben your song for me and he loves it.

Loving your website, we've listened to your other tunes too, there fab.

Adios! xx

Thank you Sarah and Ben,

Glad you liked it and thank you for leaving a message.

Take care, best,


pierre07 Feb 9, 2011
denver, CO
As previously said, very smooth and soothing.
Love the tone, Great job!

My pleasure and many thanks for listening and commenting.



blackfbiv Feb 9, 2011
Edmonton. Canada
Some verra col grooves here!!!



ALSTUDIOS Jan 15, 2011
Was listening to your songs.
Very inspiring.
Calm and soft, but with the professional touch I like a lot.

Congratulation and keep going on....

Many thanks, best,


specialk Nov 14, 2010
Wonderful playing! You are talented and gifted. Thank you so very much for sharing this great, great music with us.

Many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated, best,


Tracy Lundgren Oct 27, 2010
"Feeling Doozy" wonderfully named and that's exactly what this piece of music makes me feel. I kind of imagine laying back on some tropical island with one of those drinks with an umbrella in it when I listen to this song.
Ahhh, thanks for lowering my blood pressure tonight, lol!


My pleasure Tracy

Lottie Oct 5, 2010
Karlstad, Sweden
Hi there!
Really nice site! Excuse me, but what guitar are you holding on the first page? Looks really cool.. Lottie
P.S. Yes, that's is me that Wayne thanks for supporting a pic with my Gretsch and CCCB..

Hello Lottie its a Duesenberg TV Starplayer Outlaw. Thanks for the visit and any friend of Wayne is a friend of mine.



Steve Kellander Aug 19, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Very nice work Gerry. Enjoyed everyone so far. Will listen to all when time allows. Your talent cup runneth over. Thanks.

Thanks Steve for the visit and glad it wasn't too painful.



Gaétan Bolduc Aug 19, 2010
Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
I enjoy all of your songs and wish to know on how to acquire them for download since i want them in my ipod.

Thank you much Gros Ouaso (Bid Bird)

I have send you a link my friend, best,


Oscar Rosado Jul 23, 2010
Málaga [España]
Buenas Gerry, muy buenas las canciones!!

Y enhorabuena por la Web.


Gracias Oscar

Michael Borges May 17, 2010
Lake Elsinore, California, USA
Hello Gerry,
Congratulations on your recent music placements in films. I knew you could do it, you've got much creativity and top-notch recorded material! Please send me an email sometime from the contact form on my new website at

Take care & we'll be in touch!
Your old music pal,

Hello Michael good to hear from you my old friend.


Randy Reeves May 16, 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Hi Gerry. Just stopping by to say hello.

Thanks Randy.

Jesse, B Mar 20, 2010
Toronto, On
Hey I just read that you know about the gretschs. Ive got an electromtatic pro jet with thr B50 licensed guy. Which model compton would I need and wich locking tuners dont require any drilling?? If you can enlighten me that ould be amazing!!
take care

Sorry cannot help please contact Compton Compensated Bridges you will find them on Google. Post on Grestch Talk or Gretsch Pages and they will hepl on the tuners.



Csaba Kiss Jan 3, 2010
Los Alamos, NM
HI Gerry!
I found your website via the Cubase forum. I have started to listen to your music, and can't stop. It is wonderful. How can I get a CD from you?
Keep making more!

Thanks Csaba I'll be in touch,


Alan Eisenberg Dec 17, 2009
Portland, OR
Great site Gerry! Nice to have visited. See you on the new Gretsch site - Alan a.k.a coolbus18

Thanks Alan all the best for 2010


Tim Pletcher Nov 20, 2009
Great site Gerry! For being "a bit dim on web pages" you sure do run a great site :)

Thanks Tim

Liselotte Frejdig Oct 29, 2009
Karlstad, Sweden
I found a link to your website on the CCC website. Sadly, I couldn't listen to your songs.. I'm also on G-T and my name is Lottie there.. Take care and may the Gretsch be with you..

Thanks for the visit Lottie I will see you on G-T. Best,


Nige Haynes Sep 7, 2009
Dorset, England
Gerry I found you on GT Forum and I had listened to your music before and thought it really great and I delved in again and heard Doin' Time 2 - really cool track. Keep 'em coming. Nige

Thanks Nige all the best, Gerry

Alan Eisenberg Aug 20, 2009
Portland, OR
Hiya Jerry!,
I saw your link on the GreTsch talk forum and bopped over here,nice to meet ya!

Thanks for visiting Alan see you on the G-T.



Alberto Apr 3, 2009
Hi Gerry!

Soy Alberto de Iturri. Muy buena la pgina y la msica!!

Gracias por tu visita de esta semana. Seguiremos en contacto...

...y recuerda, Gibraltar espaol!


Es sujo. Gracias por todo.


JoBu Mar 18, 2009
Found your site at Cubase forum. Nice site and music you got.

Thanks Jon much appreciated.


Mike Done Mar 10, 2009
Five nights-aahh another very mellow piece my friend. Maybe that new gizmo editing suite you bought was worth it man.Keep on turning out the music, and I'll keep listening to it.

Thanks Mike old friend, would you believe just added some more kit to the studio. Keeps me poor but happy :-)

Thanks for being there.


fabien Mar 3, 2009
hi Gerry,
ya toca fans espaoles no? bueno y Bavacho tambien jajaja... eres el bueno Gerry quiero escucharte en el proximo de Cafe del Mar, vale....
un abrazo, ciao...

fabien Mar 3, 2009
sentmenat barcelona spain
Gerry eres un gusto mucho los caballeros misticos, muy buenoooo
seguire tu pagina web a partir de ahora jeje
bueno monstro(de bueno jajaja) hasta pronto... un abrazo...ciao

Gracias Fabien, hasta pronto amigo.


Wolfi N. Feb 26, 2009
Cool man. Good music

Many thanks for the visit and leaving a comment.



Jem Jan 19, 2009
Yorkshire, UK
Hi Gerry

WOW!!!! I've just discovered your website (and your fabulous music) from a link you posted on

Your music is simply beautiful, is it possible to get hold of a CD or download the music (legally) anywhere?


Hello Jem glad you enjoyed the music I will be in touch.




Pete Tytler Jan 19, 2009
Hi Gerry, came across this link on the Cubase forum. Really enjoying listening to your tracks. A real caring sensitivity to them. Have bookmarked the page so I can return again...

Thanks Pete for the visit and glad you enjoyed my music. See you on the forum.

Marge McKinnis Nov 30, 2008
Just wishing you well now and for the upcoming Holidays and New Year! You are a wonderful musician and friend.

Many thanks Marge and the same to you. May 2009 be all you dream of.


Ron Jul 6, 2008
Happy Birthday, Gerry.

Your music is beautiful and inspiring.

And you have a website that invites return visits.


Many thanks Ron for you visit and Birthday wishes. Much appreciated.


DerekSlide Jun 30, 2008
SUPER Nice playing but I would like to see a little more up beat blues from you Gerry.

Thanks my friend maybe one day.

Andrew Yates Jun 19, 2008
Uniline State Penitentiary
Well my Man, you sure can make that ole geetar cry.
Quite a light to hide under a bushel!
See you soon,

Thanks Andrew much appreciated.

Randy Reeves May 22, 2008
Minneaplois, Minnesota USA
Gerry. I spent the day listening to all your music posts. I have the flu and have no energy. so I am sitting in front of the computer ,letting your notes flow over me and feeling cured.
you are the real thing.

Well many thanks Randy and get well soon my friend.

R. Eric Croft Apr 28, 2008
St. Pete FLA
Are you the same Gerry Cooper I know from Lakeland that disappeared off the face of the Earth?
If so, I'm glad you're alive and still pickin'.
If not, I'm glad you're alive and still pickin'!
be blest!

I am afraid not but glad to know you anyway :-)


Jay Ney Feb 7, 2008
Durham Nc, USA
Trevor AKA (Hilch) suggested we come by a have a perusal! I greatly enjoyed your music and your web site looks fabulous! Cheers

Many thanks Jay much appreciated.


Mick Feb 7, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Gerry,

I got link to your site from a mutual friend(Hilch), man your stuff is good.



Many thanks Mick both for visiting and leaving a message and also thanks to Hilch.


Alexis Jan 29, 2008
Hello Gerry,

Many thanks for your kind words about my newest tune "PASSIONATA" .
I am happy that you like this tune .
I have listened to your tune "DENTRO DE MI" ... woah ! what a superb compo and playing, sounds GREAT !!!
The emotion is completely delivery, i love it !
Bravo .

Have a great week,
All the very best to you,
Your friend

Kenna Dec 23, 2007
Georgia, USA
Merry Christmas Old Friend.

Same to you Kenna.

Bill & Sara Dec 2, 2007
Hi Gerry,

We saw your comments on the Epiphone forums, and you seem an expert. We're wondering if you can help us.

We're thinking about buying a used Epiphone Sheraton II; it says Epiphone on the head and Gibson on the truss rod cover. We're don't know how old it is, or the serial number, but thought maybe you could give us some "if...then" scenarios. The asking price is $499; is that reasonable? The guitar sounds great. Thanks!

I really do not know much about prices so my only advice is try it out. I upgraded the hardware as in bridge,switches and tuners on mine to Gibson originals which cost me more than I paid for the guitar and it plays and sounds a dream. Not suggesting that a Sheraton is a Gibson replacement but it's a lot of guitar for the money and if you get a good one well worth hanging on to. It's certainly my main go to guitar and one that is always a joy to play.

Good luck,


Ivan McGyver Nov 6, 2007
Stony Plain, AB, Canada
Hi Gerry

I have a Gibson guitar i've been wondering about and you seem pretty knowledgable about these things. It says epiphone on the headstock and gibson on the truss rod cover. The serial # is SJ03100186. can you please help?
Ivan M

Hello Ivan according my information your guitar was made in the Sae Jung Plant, China October 2003 Production Number: 0186. Hope that helps.


James Oct 24, 2007
Hi gerry, I have an epiphone sheraton with the headstock the same as yours (epiphone by Gibson). My serial number is 71107589 which says its from 1971. On your message on the forum you say that these were only manufactured between 1986 to 1989. Im a little confused. Could you advise me?

Many thanks


James during the Samick days the first two numbers do not indicate the year. The first Korean Sheratons were made by Samick starting around 1986. The first few years had "Epiphone by Gibson" on the headstock. Around 1989, the "by Gibson" was dropped. So if your guitar has "by Gibson" on the headstock, it's made by Samick 1986-1989. If it just says Epiphone, Samick 1989-1993. I believe the early Samicks had a random serial number on a sticker, I'm not sure about the 89-93s.

Hope that helps and sorry for the delay in replying.


Peter Oct 6, 2007
Hi Gerry,
I lost addy to writers block.. can you help me please?


There you go Peter.

I didnt know you still had it in you!!!

Nor did I Rich, thanks for the visit my friend.


lokimikoj Sep 22, 2007

I like it a lot! It very impressive. Good work. Thanks!

Ron Sep 18, 2007
Hi Gerry,

I came across a link to this site on the GuitarNoise forum and think it's marvellous.

Your music is inspiring.


Many thanks Ron much appreciated.

Kenna Sep 17, 2007
glad you are getting a break Gerry.
I saw it on WB

Thanks Kenna

Trevor AKA Barnabus Rox Sep 11, 2007
Gerry you are the man , the real deal ,
I love listening to your stuff man ..

Thanks Trev much appreciated.

sopitikoj Sep 8, 2007

A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work. Best regards!


Kenna Sep 2, 2007
hey gerry how are you doing bud

fine Kenna hope all is with you and yours.

Rahul Aug 28, 2007
Hi Gerry,

I love all your guitar pieces and the song 'fantacee' is the one, I often listen to.

Hope to hear much more from you !

Bish Aug 1, 2007
Great site and great tunes, Gerry. Glad you joined GN and are sharing your talents!!

Alan Jones Jul 19, 2007
Breath taking sounds will pass to my fellow guitarists.
Thank you Gerry

JohnDo Jul 2, 2007
New York
I spent last 2 hours browsing your website, it's breathtaking.

ZEST Jun 29, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Hi Gerry,

I just wanted to stop by and say hello !!!!

I hope you're having a great summer !!!!

Thank you for all your great music !!!!



Sleutelbos Jun 15, 2007
Hey Gerry, just checked Doin' Time. Really wicked tune, will make sure I check them all out. All the best/

Brett Apr 27, 2007
Jacksonville FL
Heard your works from the Sonar forum - nicely done for such modest equipment - Very clean

AV1611 from Sonar forum

God bless

Just Bill Mar 6, 2007
Louisiana, USA
Hi Gerry, I like your music and I like your website! Very clean website.

Linda from JPF Mar 3, 2007
Thanks for sharing your incredible music. This is terrific stuff!! Linda

RC Andrews Jan 8, 2007
Augusta, GA
Gerry I just wanted to say I stumbled across your music today and was blown away.

Absolutely wonderful!

Much Respect,

Ovidiana Dec 20, 2006
Timisoara, RO
Excellent music! Thank you for the link.

bob young Dec 13, 2006
keep picking, you cranky old sod!

and God Bless !!

ZEST Nov 29, 2006

Just stoppin' in to say hi !!!! And, to also say, your musical expressions are fabulous !!!!

Keep up the great work !!!!



Kenna Sep 13, 2006
Vidalia, GA
hows you doin Gerry FRogman

Kevun Kr. Aug 29, 2006
New York
Your website is just beautiful! I wish you much success in all your endeavours!
Thanks the author for this site,has very much liked!
Good luck, Kevin

Tracy Aug 7, 2006
Magic atmospheres....moody, brooding, wistful and sometimes downright funky!
I'm gonna hound you until you get some of this stuff into the movies!

marek Jun 14, 2006
You are doing wonderful job for all people visiting your portal on web. We are proud of you. Thank you a lot!

eliza Jun 12, 2006
fskie ddw dk

Jaxon or Farrell Feb 9, 2006
N. Ca. USA
Hi Gerry. I came across you music at mixposure and followed the link here. I listened to a few songs and they sound pretty good. Not that I'm a Blues guy but I did enjoy Bye Bye Baby. Just thought I'd say hello.


One Angry Swede Feb 4, 2006
Thanks for joining The OAS Board. Some exceptional tunes here.


J E V I T Y Feb 4, 2006
Portland OR.
Thanks for the kind words on our post. Had a chance to checkout your stuff and must say very nice! I have bookmarked your site so I can come back and review more and give you the overall thoughts but so far so good. KEEP jamming out.

Claudette Jan 3, 2006
Maine USA
what a terrific website and your music is first class truly enjoyed visiting.

Mike Done Dec 8, 2005
Gerry my dear old friend, you never cease to amaze me with the depth and beauty of what you are able to think up and put into music.
Something, somewhere touched you and said"Produce beautiful music"...and for once you did as you were told...
Thank you for the emotions your music evokes.
Your pal from Malta

Rebecca Dale Peaden Dec 2, 2005
Sunny Hills, Florida

"Ride That Train" is great! I plan on listening to ALL of your songs as time permits!


Jeremy Insull Nov 11, 2005
New Zealand
Great music - Hope I'm doing as good stuff as this when I'm in my 60's

Jed (from Auckland)

Michael Borges Oct 27, 2005
Lake Elsinore, California - USA
Dear Gerry,
Keep at it. You're an inspiration to the rest of us. You are more appreciated that you know.

Also, your picture looks great!

Cheers good friend!
Michael Borges

KarnalEcho Oct 25, 2005
Martinez, Ga
Excellent looking site. WOW! So you didn't drop off the face of the Earth, you were just busy :0) Love that player and this site looks great. So glad you're doing well. Take care and keep in touch :0)

LJ Montgomery Oct 6, 2005
Maryland, USA
Excellent site and outstanding music. You're a good guy too.


Kev.V Oct 4, 2005
Thanks for the link man!
Keep making music, for some of us it's life.

See ya!

Bluelightnin Sep 16, 2005
Denver CO
DYNAWHOPPIN website, Gerry! This is great! And, ya already know how much I love your music! Hear ya in the movies!

Perry 'Backspace' Nunley Sep 16, 2005

Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all!

Loren Sep 11, 2005
Paragould, Arkansas U.S.A.
they wont let me have one.
this good very nice. first class.

Tracy Lundgren Sep 5, 2005
Great site, soon to be jam packed with fabulous music that I know ONE day we will be hearing in the movies! Keep on creating those magical musical journeys Gerry.

Tricia Baker Sep 5, 2005
Greenwood, LA USA
Gerry, it's an honor to be mentioned in the same breath with someone as talented as you. You are one of my favorite people. It's been a pleasure working with you, sharing ideas and knowing that I'll always have a friend. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Sending you and Mrs. Greenplums a hug and a kiss! :)

Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr. Sep 5, 2005
Hammonton, NJ USA
An outstanding looking site, soon to be full of outstanding sounding music, from an outstanding FRIEND!

Good luck, buddy, and keep writing those hits!

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