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Tracy Lundgren, Tricia Baker, Paul Pedersen Jr and Eric True for all their support and encouragement over the years.

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Gerry Cooper
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Kong Audio

If you are looking for authentic Chinese instruments in your compositions you really cannot go wrong with Kong Audio VST Plugins.

Be careful they are addictive and I am hooked on them.


Compton Compensated Bridges

If you own a guitar with a Bigsby on it you should really visit this site. Wayne Compton manufactures fantastic bridges that not only help with intonation and action but give a much sharper and clearer tone.

Highly recommended and superb value for money and no I am not on commission, just passing the word on a great product manufactured by a really great person.

Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr

Paul, known to many as Cookbeaux; is a multi talented singer, songwriter and musician. He really is one of those rare and talented people that good fortune allows you to bump into in life. Apart from being a highly talented songwriter and musician he above all is a great friend and one that I can never thank enough for all his help and encouragement over the years.

Tracy Lundgren

Tracy is another of my favorite internet friends not that we don't have our differences sometimes LOL

Extremely talented and one of those remarkable people that can not only write a great lyric but sing it and play it. Inspiring is the word and you can also find on the Writers Block.


Tricia Baker

Patricia Baker is one of my favorite Internet people. She is a very talented lyric writer and has a magic sense of humour. Tricia is another really good friend and a constant inspiration, she simply never gives up and when she makes her mind up to do something, she does it.


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Eisa's Melody
Nov 13, 2015
Eisa's Melody Publishing and Copyright now signed to Expressive Artists.